Accion New Mexico

We’re more than just lenders. We’re lending partners. With over 20 years of experience serving small business owners, Accion is a lending partner you can trust. Get access to the resources your business really needs to grow—capital, advice, and a community of support. Accion New Mexico serves businesses throughout the state.

Accion, serving the states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas, is an award winning nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the tools you need to operate, grow or start your business. We increase access to business credit, make loans and provide training to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams and to help businesses thrive. Accion empowers people to be catalysts for positive change – one small business at a time.

As the largest and only nationwide nonprofit micro- and small business lending network in the United States, Accion connects small business owners with the financing and support it takes to create or grow healthy businesses. We stand behind every small business owner as they achieve success, so that businesses—and entire communities—see real and lasting impact.
At Accion, business owners find a one-on-one lending approach that considers character and other business strengths in addition to credit history. Business owners looking to start or grow receive accessible loans that are both fairly priced and flexible.
As a microfinance leader and part of a global organization (, we’re working towards a financially inclusive world where all businesses can access the tools they need to achieve higher success. We’re champions for small business owners, thought leaders for economic growth, and a force for change in local communities.
It began in 1994 when Accion made its first small business loan in Albuquerque, igniting a movement that today stretches to every corner of the five state region.  Our unique approach – called microlending – can trace its roots back more than 40 years with efforts to reduce extreme poverty in Latin America. Microlending now helps small Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas business owners provide for themselves and their families. Since Accion made that first loan, we have helped small business owners in more than 400 communities, working in some of these states’ most underserved urban neighborhoods and most isolated rural communities.